Bank has become a four-letter word to business customers who have had it with the impersonal treatment, steep fees, red tape and loan denials national mega-banks are notorious for. A 50-year-old former credit union, ViewPoint Bank was a blip on the radar of big banks.

“Big bank refugees” are looking for a different way to do business. Backed by competitive products, expert staff and all the benefits that go with being local, ViewPoint can give big banks a run for their money.   

In a conservative, me-too category, Launch broke the mold and then some with a disruptive campaign that pokes fun at mega-banks. Outrageous stories tell the tale of big banking gone wrong and offer a fresh solution–a bank ready to stop giving customers the business, and start earning it. 

ViewPoint had the second-highest net income in company history during the campaign. ViewPoint recently merged with Legacy Texas to become one of the largest independent Texas financial services companies, with combined assets of nearly $6 billion.