Milk is milk. Or that’s what most moms think—until they take a sip of Promised Land. For 25 years, Promised Land had built a small but devoted following. With Borden, the cult brand had a new owner and a new charge—to be introduced to a lot more milk lovers on a budget that was anything but Elsie-sized. This divine dairy knew that better milk comes from better cows. Pampered Jersey bovines, that is. Naturally richer and creamier than ordinary moo juice, Promised Land comes in ice-cream-rich flavors like Midnight Chocolate and Cookies ‘N Cream. 

Consumers don’t realize that there are levels of quality you can taste in the world of milk. This quality story can drive trial amongst new users.  

Revealing the secret ingredient, Launch repositioned and relaunched the sleepy little brand in 2010 by taking it digital. We deployed a strategic marketing plan of earned, owned and paid media to connect with its core users and introduce to new prospects. We created a new website in 2011 that increased traffic 459% over the previous year and started a Facebook page that has grown to a very active, engaged fanbase of more than 257,000. We created the first milk brand loyalty program, the Moo Crew, in 2014, which grew to more than 38,000 members in less than one year. Our Moo-Mail emails have sustained over 30% open rate, compared to the food and beverage average of 18%. We turned credible consumer conversation into sales-generating persuasion to build brand buzz and sales.

Since the relaunch and rebranding, Promised Land has increased flavored milk sales and more than doubled product distribution from 2,700 stores in 21 states to 6,074 stores in 32 states in 2016, with plans for national expansion in Q3-4 2016. The sleepy little brand is neither sleepy nor little anymore.