How to Create Email Content for the Customer Journey - Five Minute Fridays

In our previous Five Minute Friday, we talked about some tips for utilizing your email list.  But how do you know what to actually send them?  We discuss how to create email content for the customer journey in this week's video!



Hi guys, welcome back to another Five Minute Friday!  My name is Caroline, and I’m the Digital Content Specialist here at Launch.  This week, we’re continuing with part 2 of our 3-part series all about email marketing, so if you haven’t watched last week’s video, please go back and start there!


In that video, we talked about building your email lists and how you can use list segmentation to tailor content to different parts of the customer journey.  If somebody visits your website and abandons their cart, the kind of content you send to them is going to be different than the kind of content you send to someone who hasn’t taken those actions.  But what does that content actually look like?  Stay tuned to find out!


Email Isn’t Dead

We know that we can help move prospects from the Interest to the Consideration stage based on what we send them.  86% of customers would actually prefer to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with at least monthly.  Clearly email isn’t dead!  But note:  just 15% want to receive those same emails daily, so be careful not to overstay your welcome!  Still, how can we create specific content for each of those stages in the customer journey, and what does it actually look like?  Let’s go over some examples.


In the Interest Stage, It’s about Low-Commitment Content

When drawing prospects into the Interest stage, you want to provide low-commitment, high-value content.  You’re not necessarily trying to get them to sign up for your loyalty program or complete a purchase right now.  What you ARE trying to do is show them how you are THE expert on a particular topic.  You can do this by sending things like blog posts, ebooks, guides, and how-tos to show that you know your stuff and are willing to share that information without asking for anything in return.


In the Consideration Stage, Focus on Solving Their Problem

To move prospects to the Consideration stage, you need to show why your product or service is the best solution their particular problem.  At this stage, you can get a little more specific and in-depth with your content.  It’s all about giving the prospect all the information that they need to eventually make a purchase. 

If you’re a B2B brand, consider sending things like information about webinars or case studies here.  This builds upon the expertise you established in the Interest stage and shows that you’ve dealt with those same kinds of problems before and solved them.  If you’re a B2C brand, you can send things like video product walk-throughs and retargeted emails based on product page visits.  Abandoned cart emails would also fall here towards the end of this stage (as well as into the Purchase stage).  Again, it’s all about showing prospects how your product or service is the best solution to the problem that they currently face.


Make Sure It’s Valuable

We mentioned it briefly before, but it’s worth noting again – value is an extremely important part of your content.  If I’m not necessarily in the market for a new pair of sneakers right now but I’m interested in your brand (ahem, Converse), you can send me something like a styling guide of your new summer collection, which would be of value to me and could potentially move me from the Interest stage to the Consideration and Purchase stages.  If you’re not providing something of value to your subscribers, then why would they want to stay subscribed?  In fact, if your content isn’t on point, you might see a lot of unsubscribes.

Remember – it’s important to think about where your prospects are in the customer journey so that you can tailor content to those different stages and provide the most valuable information for them for each step of the way.


Thanks for tuning in this week!  As always, if you like this kind of content, give this video a like, and if you have ideas for a future Five Minute Friday video, leave them down in the comments.  Join us again next week for the final part of our email marketing series where we answer the question – why are people unsubscribing from my list?