Handling the Handles – How to Launch or Relaunch your Brand’s Social Presence

You’ve got a question about where your favorite fancy chocolate bars are stocked.  Where do you go for answers?  While Google might come to mind for some, consumers often take to social media to ask the brand directly.  These social channels have made it easier than ever for customers to interact with and learn more about your brand, and having a social presence that works well is key.  If you are looking to launch a new brand on social media, or just relaunch an existing brand, here are some things to consider when beginning your social media management.


1)    Get Access to Handles

This may seem like a non-issue, but trust us, it can grow into a big headache.  For brands that want to relaunch their social presence, it’s crucial to have the login information for all relevant handles.  If the login info is unknown because someone who is no longer with the company set up the handles, it can get tricky. Facebook suggests reporting the page for copyright infringement if the creator of said page is unknown. Instagram brand access is set up under a single email and password and if lost, a similar process must be completed to regain access.  Twitter, however, is not so sympathetic and the best you can do is create a new account.  If you’re lucky enough to have all brand login information handy, that’s good news. Facebook access for brand Pages can be easily transferred to any new Administrators from an existing Administrator. With Instagram and Twitter, it’s as simple as logging in with the existing brand credentials.


2)    Do Your Research

Before you even put your fingers to the keyboard, do a bit of research on what matters to your current and potential fanbase.  What do they find unique about your brand?  What makes them follow brands on social media?  Where are they accessing social channels?  These are the questions that should inform your social media strategy.  Also try to identify what time(s) your current or prospective target is most active online to maximize your organic reach.


3)    Gather Your Assets

If relaunching your brand’s social media marketing, there could very well be existing photo assets at your disposal.  Collect these owned photos and videos if possible, as they can be very useful when creating your content calendar.  Also be sure to gather the cover photos, profiles photos, and bio descriptions you need for each social channel so you’ll be ready to set up once your calendar is in place.


4)    Create a Content Calendar

Now to the good stuff!  A social marketing framework is important for any branded social channel to thrive.  Here’s where your research and prep comes into play.  Identify content themes based on the initial research you’ve conducted, and create a plan for promoting select posts to reach a wider potential audience. Promoting key posts will help bypass the newsfeed algorithms of major sites like Facebook and Instagram to ensure fans and others will actually see the content that you’ve worked so hard on.


5)    Identify KPIs

Once your social content is up and running, you’re good to go, right?  Not so fast – before you even publish your first post, establish what metrics you’ll use to gauge the success of your social efforts. Consider adding unique social media tracking codes such as the Facebook pixel, Twitter website tag, and Pinterest tag to your website landing pages to more accurately measure social referrals and conversions too. Once these metrics are chosen and tracking is established, come up with a reporting format that best shows these results. When you know your KPIs (key performance indicators), you can easily test what content works best and optimize accordingly.


The vast world of social media management is made more, well, manageable if you take the time to do a little prep work.  With a good foundation, your brand will be well on its way to an engaging social presence.  Want to learn more about developing a social strategy?  Contact Launch today!