A Launchers’ Guide to a Job in Advertising

School is back in session, and we can practically smell those fresh notebooks (they’ve got a smell, okay?).  If you’re still in school, you may be wondering how exactly you’re going to land your dream creative or account position.  Never fear - we asked real life ad men (and women)- i.e. Launchers - for their advice to all the college kids out there who want to go into advertising.


“Get an internship! Not only will it give you some agency/job experience, but it will give you a great look into the advertising world to see if it’s what you really want to do.” – Amanda Lewis, Account Executive


“Be enterprising. Research the skills that your ideal advertising position might have and start to build out that skill set. Especially in digital - things are always changing and your success depends on your ability to educate yourself and adapt to changes in the field.” – AdeDoyin Adebiyi, Digital Media Specialist


“1) Make sure your portfolio shows a range of skills and components. 2) We also like seeing portfolios that have well thought-out campaigns and examples of how the idea can be applied across multiple platforms (print, out of home, digital, etc). 3) Enjoy your make-believe clients and budgets.”  – Carolyn Sexton, Art Director


“I think the most helpful advice is to understand that, as much as you may study advertising in school, you won’t really get it until you’re actually doing it.  In the real world, there are tight timelines, budget constraints and client politics to navigate.  It is not as open-ended as assignments in your portfolio class, so be prepared!” – Alex Slotkin, Associate Creative Director


“Advice for design students: don’t put every single piece in your portfolio. Only put in the really good work. Quality is better quantity.” – Ellen Giles, Senior Art Director


“Your advertising degree won’t get you a job. If you want a creative position, you have to prove that you’re able to engage and connect consumers to brands with imagination and creativity. Proving what kind of work you’re capable of can only be done with a portfolio demonstrating the way you think. Having a killer portfolio and a passion for doing great work will land you a job anywhere!” – Dave Wilgus, Launch Principal


“Choose a path. I see so many resumes that claim they can do it all, from account service to copyrighting to media buying to art direction. We want to know what what your strongest talents are and what you’re most passionate about.  Also be sure your social accounts represent you well. We’re going to check you out!” – Ashley Mejia, Account Supervisor