A Designer's Perspective: Creating a Website

If you haven't realized the importance of a well-designed website by now, you might have spent the last several years in a deep sleep.  A user-friendly website experience is paramount for brands, and mobile-friendly sites are more important than ever for local SEO.  We talked with Launch Senior Art Director Ellen Giles about her website work for one of Launch's latest clients, Nordica Dairy.

1.    What was the goal in terms of design for this website?  Did the client have a particular look and feel in mind?

The goal of the site was to create a destination to learn all about Nordica products. We wanted the site to be clean and modern – a nod to the brand’s Scandinavian roots.

2.    What is your favorite part of the website’s design?

Our “sassy Scandinavian” brand voice.

3.    What was the hardest part to get right?

Coming up with a way to educate consumers on the awesomeness of cottage cheese in a creative way!

4.    If you could give designers one tip for creating a well-designed website, what would it be?

Photography is such an important part of what makes websites work. Its worth the money to work with professional to get high-quality, beautiful photography for your design.