Love for the Logo: When to Redesign and Rebrand

By now, it’s old news—Instagram redesigned their logo and interface, blah blah blah.  If you’re bored to death with this discussion, we don’t blame you.  However, the brand’s facelift brings up a great topic for discussion—when and how to upgrade your logo in an effort to rebrand.  We’ve outlined some things to consider before giving your brand a makeover:

 1)     Don’t rebrand for the sake of rebranding

Yes, this might seem like a common sense concept, but many brands jump feet-first into a redesign without fully considering the implications or whether a rebrand is really necessary.  Sometimes the adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” really does apply.  Make sure you have a good reason to rebrand, backed by solid research, before you try to mess with a good thing.

 2)     Understand the weight of certain elements in terms of brand equity

Once you determine that a redesign is a good idea, examine what brand elements make your product or service iconic to customers.  Creating a survey to test logo designs with clients is a great jumping-off point.  For example, Children’s Health surveyed customers and learned that these individuals found the iconic red balloon meaningful.  When Children’s Health rebranded, they kept this symbol on board.

 3)     Make it modern, not trendy

Open up your phone, and chances are you’ll be greeted by a sea of flat app icons.  While design trends come and go, there is nothing wrong with giving your brand a little modern update.  However, succumb completely to passing trends and you’ll have to do another logo redesign in a few years.  The best logos are fairly timeless, and might incorporate a few small tweaks along the way.  Coca-Cola learned this the hard way, and has since kept their logo and design fairly consistent.  Launch’s own logo has also remained relatively unchanged throughout the years, with a few updates to keep it fresh without losing its character.

4)     How does it make you feel?

A logo is more than just an image—the very shape of your design can elicit a response on an emotional level.  Think about what you want your redesigned logo to evoke in your customers.  Southwest Airlines took this into consideration when they carried out their big rebrand in 2014.  By putting the customer first, both in business practice and visual identity, they strove to combat all the negatives associated with air travel.  Their strategy has paid off—Southwest had record Q1 profits this year. 


With these rebranding tips, you can create an informed strategy that will help you redesign in an impactful way.  For more information about rebranding your business, contact Launch Agency.