The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift, Launch Style

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and inquiring minds want to know—if Launchers could get their moms anything for Mother’s Day, what would it be?  Check out some of their answers below:


“I’d probably get my mom a cruise to the Bahamas or something.” – Lindsay Byars, Digital Media Specialist

“I’d send her on a relaxing vacation.” – Jason Giles, Account Director

“An all inclusive beach trip for my mom and dad. Most of their vacations have been with the whole family. They need the kind of vacation where they do nothing but lounge at the pool or on the beach!” – Ashley Mejia, Account Supervisor

“If I could give my mom ANYTHING for Mother’s Day, and if this thing actually existed, I would get her a teleportation machine so she could push a button and be teleported to where ever I am, and I could do the same. Since I now live further away this would give us the opportunity to spend so much more time together. Even if that meant just to watch an 'I Love Lucy' episode and have a bowl of cereal together late at night because we both can’t sleep.” – Amanda Lewis, Account Executive

“The world, if I could manage it. But if not at least a castle or mansion or two where she could live and be pampered after being such a selfless gift to so many people.  Not just her six kids and husband, but other family, adopted family and her patients on a regular basis.” – AdeDoyin Adebiyi, Digital Media Specialist

“A trip to meet Sam Heughan from Outlander and visit a farm that had nothing but Cavalier King Charles Spaniels on it.” – Caroline Gillan, Digital Content Specialist

“Her own Caribbean Island complete with infinity pool and pool side bar.” – Tyler Ramirez, Assistant Account Executive

“If I could get my mom anything, it would be a big house that all of us could live in so she could see her grand babies every day.” – Lindsay Simon, Account Supervisor