New Year, New We: Resolutions at Launch Agency

New Year’s Resolutions. We all make them late December or early January with the earnest hope not to break them. At Launch Agency, we made a list. Hopefully, we can all keep each other accountable. Some are funny, some are thoughtful but we hope you enjoy them.

Laura C. – Retire the superhero cape and embrace a slower paced, more relaxed lifestyle to restore balance in my life.

Diane D. – Give away less of my time.

Lauren F. – Pay off my credit cards! Debt free.

Ashley M. – Writing my massive to-do list at the beginning of each morning vs mid-day to avoid writing down things I’ve already done just to cross it off.

AdeDoyin A. – Attempt to only mention Beyoncé every other day, not be so punny (Yeah, right.) and actually get up when my Jawbone buzzes to remind me I haven’t moved in 30 minutes.

Josh S. – To spend the first year with my soon-to-be wife reading the Bible from start to finish!

Valerie L. – To de-clutter my life.

Katie A. - My Resolution for the New Year is to……..  compliment at least one stranger every day.

Jason G. – Mine is to have more fun; overall.

Michael B. – Personal (with my family) — more patience. Professional — make better use of time for Launch and our clients.

Alexandra W. – 1. Balance my time better to include important things that aren’t urgent (like bible reading, and the two following); 2. Move more each day; 3. Work on my own social presence/authorship and Launch’s – not just clients :) .

Lee J. – Drink more water and get more sleep!  Thanks to this handy little wrist band, I have found out that I am not getting nearly enough sleep and most of it is light sleep instead of deep sleep.

Richard W. – I plan to participate in more active transportation: cycling and walking. I also plan to be a better activist for cycling through action and education.

Alex S. – To be more mindful and goal-oriented, thinking three steps ahead and working toward a long-term vision versus always reacting in the moment to whichever screaming-white-hot emergency might come along to steal my attention. I sometimes have to remind myself that, in advertising a true “emergency” is rare. After all, no one ever lost a limb over a missed deadline.

Lindsay S. – My New Year’s Resolution for 2014 is to slow down, and experience and enjoy life. Since I will have a new baby in 2014, and because I hear every parent say that their babies grow up in the blink of an eye, I want to make sure I savor as many moments as possible. And focus more on what really matters, rather than small, insignificant stuff. Oh, and to use my new camera to take lots of pictures!

David W. – This sounds like a stock resolution but I’m going to try to get more exercise and better sleep. I won’t fail this year thanks to my new Jawbone fitness bracelet. It’s going to be my 24-hour accountability buddy!

Rebecca L. – My New Year’s resolution is to stick to one of my New Year’s resolutions.

Carolyn S. – To bring my lunch 3 times a week.

Ellen G. – To have more fun!

Lauren C. – I will better discover my strengths and weaknesses by further exploring my creative facets. I plan on finding more creative courage by worrying less about the mistakes I might make, and actually making some mistakes that might make it.

Whether we achieve these resolutions or just make tiny steps of progress toward them, here’s to the launch of all these goals, hopes, and dreams in 2014!