Launch Gets Fit


Every year, Launch receives extraordinary gifts from Santa during the Christmas Lunch. These are presents we look forward to and discuss all year long. The long awaited day rolled around and we all unwrapped the packaging as quickly as we could to discover Jawbone UP bands and Apple TV! One gift to get us active and another to help us veg out.

We immediately began wearing our Jawbone UPs and learning the ins and outs of our new

gadget. The bracelets use Bluetooth to sync to your phone and give you updates on your number of steps walked, distance traveled, number of active minutes, along with lots of fun facts about your sleep. The bracelet is so freakishly smart! It can tell you how quickly you fell asleep and how much deep sleep along with a bunch of other statistics.

These bracelets were definitely a wake up call for some of us. We were embarrassed by how few steps we took compared to the daily goal. They naturally helped us become more active while at work. Not soon after, they quickly because the topic of our lunch conversations. We’d talk trash about who had the most steps and who needed to take the long way to the bathroom to get some steps in. It didn’t take long for us to realize we really needed to make a legitimate competition out of this.

We started a competition to encourage everyone at the office to get their steps and work outs in. The game cost was $10 and 19 people decided to play. A chart was placed in the kitchen as a game board. Every time you got your 10,000 steps for the day you got to add a sticker. Every 45-minute workout earns you an additional sticker. After the eight-week competition, the competitor with the most stickers wins $100. Three others can win $30 each by having their name drawn. Those winners’ names will be drawn from a bowl filled with raffle tickets. Each competitor gets a raffle ticket for each sticker on the board.

The Partners at Launch have invested in a variety of initiatives to encourage employees to maintain a healthier lifestyle. The office received a Fit Desk as a Christmas surprise. Anyone can now go back there to bike and work at the same time. With the Fit Desk being such a huge success, a desk elliptical and stair master have also been added. Another great addition has been Yoga Tuesday. Each Tuesday Debbie Boone comes up to the office at 6 for an after work yoga session. These have been incredibly popular and are a great stress reliever.

Six weeks into the competition and everyone is still going strong! There has been weight loss and an increase in healthy eating. Apples and oranges now replace chips as snacks and encouragement to stick to our goals fills the office. Three cheers for a healthier work place!