NFC Technology Enables Futuristic Business Cards

Moo launched a business card product earlier this month named Paper+. Its NFC-enabled paper, meaning with one tap of a NFC-enabled phone, you can trigger all sorts of digital interactions… upload contact info, open a website, download an app, start a video chat, navigate to an address, or turn on a smart light. 

For those unfamiliar with the term “NFC” it stands for Near Field Communication. It’s an electronic link embedded within a surface that can receive OR send data through encrypted radio waves. NFC can only send and/or receive within about 6 inches…so you have to pair two items together within that “field” to share communication (like two enabled phones, a key card and smart lock, or now a phone and piece of paper!). It’s an evolution of RFID (Radio Frequency ID) technology that is used at larger distances in Tolltags and the like. 

The NFC enabled paper by Moo is not quite ready for primetime—as of now it only works on Windows and Android phones (come on Apple!), but that will likely be changing very soon. According to the RFIDJournal, approximately a dozen different companies have begun testing paper products with NFC integration. The paper technology for these innovations is supplied by manufacturer Arjowiggins, and sold under the product names PowerCoat Alive and Conquerer Alive. Very cool technology to think about for future projects!

NFC technology is available through your cell phone, and through anything that has the NFC symbol.

NFC symbol.png


The Moo product video is worth a watch.

About the Author: Alexandra Watson is the Digital Director at Launch Agency. She also teaches on digital marketing topics as an Adjunct Professor at Southern Methodist University. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her teenage daughters and adding photos to her Pinterest boards.