Hidden Facebook Functionalities Every Digital Marketer Should Know

Facebook is a part of most digital marketers’ daily business lives in this day and age.  You’ve most likely created ad campaigns on the platform, managed business pages, and boosted posts, all the while banging your head against your desk in frustration at the seemingly inane changes the network makes to its platform on a semi-regular basis.  But the good news is that there are some useful hidden functionalities that you can take advantage of to make your life a little easier.

 1.     Organize Your Comments

Interaction with your fanbase is a critical component of any social network, and Facebook is no different.  But when customer questions and comments are flying at you all day, keeping track of those that need responses can get a bit confusing.  Luckily, Facebook actually allows you to flag comments as read or in need of follow-up.  Just go to your notifications tab and into the “Comments” section.  Click the box next to the comment you wish to follow up on and choose “Mark as Unread.”

2.     Appeal A Disapproved Ad

Facebook is not always clear about the reason why they’ve disapproved an ad, and sometimes they’re even outright wrong.  What they might consider text in an image could turn out to be something as simple as a pattern in the graphic you’re using.  However, there’s no reason to sit back and accept Facebook’s verdict if you believe your ad does not violate their policies.  Fill out their appeal form for a chance to have your ad reconsidered and approved. 

3.     Write One Post in Two Languages

For those with clients that sell products in more than one country or to people who speak different languages, the ability to write one post in two languages without a translator becomes very handy.  To begin, go to the “General” section of your “Settings” tab.  Click “Edit” next to “Post in Multiple Languages” and check the box to turn this option on.  When you’re ready to set up a post, choose “Write Post in Another Language” and select the language you wish to use.  Your post will be served to people based on the primary language they’ve chosen on Facebook.

 4.     Test Audiences in Power Editor

Chances are you’ve wanted to test how different audiences react to your creative on Facebook before, but you might not have known that there is an easy shortcut in order to do so.  Simply open Power Editor and go to your Ad Sets.  Split your audience by clicking the arrow button, which then creates a duplicate ad set for testing.  Here you’re able to change the age and gender information of your audiences.  Then click “Create Ad Sets” and you’re done.

Facebook can be a bit difficult to work with as a marketer, but with these tips, you can save yourself some time and energy.  For more assistance with Facebook marketing or any other digital marketing needs, please contact Launch Agency.