Social Media Considerations for Brands

If you think social media marketing for brands is as simple as a couple tweets or a quick Facebook post, guess again.  As with traditional marketing, marketing in the digital space requires a sound strategy for targeting your core consumer and measuring the success of your efforts.  Here are some tips to keep in mind before you make that first post.

Begin with the end game

Before you log in to any social network, you need a strategy in mind. What is your goal for your social media presence? Most brands enter the social networking world in order to drive product or service sales. Other brands enter to establish an online brand community, and some join to be thought leaders in their respective industry.  Knowing what you want to accomplish helps provide a filter for all your future tactics.

Decide who you’re talking to.

Depending on your target audience, it won’t do you much good to be on every social network. Building a brand on social media can be very time consuming, and the best way to work smart is to meet your audience where they’re already active. For instance, if you’re a brand that caters to women, building a brand presence on Reddit (the user base of which is 80% male) would be a waste of time and resources. Similarly, if you are looking to reach the 55+ crowd, Snapchat (where only 2% of users fall into that age range) would probably not be the best route. Knowing the demographics of social networks with help you to choose which places to begin your brand presence. Additionally, you can always start small with 1-3 social presences and build in the future.

Plan, plan, plan.

Failure to plan is a plan to fail. Apologies for the cliché, but you can save so many hours by creating a content plan and calendar. Whether you plan a week, a month, or months in advance, knowing what you’re going to post is 97% of the battle. Then all you have to do is schedule content. It also helps to come up with distinct content themes that relate to your social strategy before posting anything.  This insures that you will consistently cover your established talking points throughout the course of your social growth online.

Test and refine.

Timing is key. Think about your ideal customer and what their day might look like. Use that to estimate posting times, then review your results and refine as needed.  In addition to post timing, you can test different post types and engagement tactics to see what your audience responds to best.  Even when you feel like you’re in a good social routine, it’s still a great idea to try new posts or formats.  It’ll help keep content fresh and give you new, engaging ways to reach your audience.

With these four tips, your brand will be off to a fairly strong start. Launch Agency specializes in building vibrant brand presences and communities from start to finish. Contact us for your social media content, social advertising, and digital brand strategy needs.

About the Author: AdeDoyin Adebiyi is a Digital Media Specialist at Launch Agency. Originally hailing from Mississippi, she moved to Dallas to attend Southern Methodist University’s Temerlin Advertising Institute Masters in Advertising program. In addition to daydreaming about SEO and Email Marketing, AdeDoyin enjoys blogging, crafting and watching Golden Girls in her spare time.