Why Audience Insight Tools Matter for New Business

Picture this – you pull up Facebook while drinking your morning coffee.  Your email is open in front of you on your desktop.  At the same time, the TV is on in the background, tuned to the local news.  Definitely not an uncommon scenario, right? 

Our time (and attention) is more fragmented than ever, and as a result, customers expect a shopping experience, ads, and digital messaging that is highly relevant to their interests. Targeting a homogenous group of people with your marketing efforts is no longer the most effective use of your ad dollars.  But how to determine just who those various demographics within your larger following may be?  That’s where audience insight tools such as Affinio can help.

Audience insight tools are invaluable when conducting new business research, and can be useful any time a brand wants to better hone their current marketing strategy.  These tools allow you to analyze your current social media fan base per channel, as well as the fans of competitors, to uncover specific clusters within your overall follower count.  These clusters are made up of individuals who share the same niche interests.  Audience segmentation tools also give you the ability to see what (if anything) connects these clusters in order to better inform your messaging.

These tools go beyond merely reporting on your current audience – they also identify influential accounts per cluster, which can then be used for influencer outreach or as a model for potential content.  Additionally, audience segmentation tools make it possible to conduct keyword searches around a given brand or product in order to gather intel around topical social conversation. 

Launch Agency utilizes Affinio for new business research in order to uncover insights on prospective clients’ current follower bases.  These findings allow for more informed marketing plans, and provide a basis for social media content that better aligns with interests of that brand’s audience.  Launch has created reports for clients across a variety of industries, including consumer-packaged goods, automotive, and retailers.  This reporting is instrumental to our overall digital marketing strategy.  For more information on how to use audience insight platforms in your marketing plan, contact Launch Agency.