3 Ways to Become a Panda Pro

Panda 4.0, Google’s latest update to its Panda search engine algorithm, was rolled out May 19th. The updated algorithm places a heavy emphasis on original content, and was designed to drive websites that produce lower-quality content, duplicate content, or produce no content at all to the bottom of the search results.

So what does this mean for your business?

If you aren’t producing high-quality, original content for your company’s social media pages, your business won’t be ranked as highly in Google’s search results.  The same thing will occur if you aren’t updating content regularly.

What you can do to help your search results ranking

1) Develop a content calendar. A content calendar outlines your social media plan for a certain period of time, and contains things like which categories you’ll post about, when posts will be published, and who is responsible for posts (if multiple people are involved). Following a content calendar makes it easy to keep track of a content strategy that provides original, high-quality content that Google loves.

2) Stay true to your brand. One of the most important factors when creating original content is staying true to what your brand represents. People read your content for a reason—the unique insight into your industry that no one else but your company can provide. Keep your content true to your brand voice, and readers will remain engaged.

3) Make sure you publish/promote your content in multiple places. Cross-promote, cross-promote, cross-promote. If you haven’t done so already, set up a blog where your content can permanently “live.”  Once your post is published, decide which social media outlets you’ll cross-post to or -promote with. It definitely pays to repurpose content on different online outlets. Not only does the Google algorithm favor cross-promoted content, but it also increases your potential readership.

Panda 4.0 offers the perfect opportunity to publish great content on your business’s website. Use these tips to optimize the site and make Google’s changes work for you.

About the Author: Caroline Gillan is a Digital Content Specialist at Launch Agency, with experience in reputation management and digital analytics as well.  When not creating social media content or answering online reviews, Caroline enjoys watching horror movies, lifting weights, and taking hours-long naps.