Blogging Basics Made Easy

If it seems like nearly every brand in our digital age has a blog, it’s with good reason.  Creating a blog for your business is a great way to improve organic search rankings and show current and potential customers that you have the expertise to back up your brand.

One challenge new bloggers often face is that regularly updating content can be somewhat overwhelming.  But not to fear—consider these tips to be a crash course in posting high quality content.

1. Ideas are key
Make it a practice to write blog ideas down as soon as possible—it can be in a notebook, in Evernote, on old restaurant napkins, whatever.  The important thing is to reference your ideas later.  Come back to your list when ready and try combining ideas to write your blog.

2. Outline, Outline, Outline
When it comes to writing a well-structured post, one of the best ways to make the process simpler is to thoroughly outline.  Many people want to skip this step and head straight to the first draft, but an outline helps create a post that flows logically.  The more you include in your outline, the easier it is to fill in the rest of your post.

3. Craft a Draft
When writing your first draft, make sure you keep the “why” of your post in mind—why is this topic important or relevant to your reader?  Write your first draft based on your outline, and read it over to ensure you have answered the question.

4. I Edit, You Edit
You can make as many edits as you want, but consider passing it to someone else to review as well—they might find mistakes you’ve missed or have additional suggestions.

5. Publish
Publish that post!  But remember, the work doesn’t stop here—monitor comments for reader feedback.  Sometimes your readers will catch an error that slipped past the editing stage.  If you need to update your post, do so, but make a note somewhere in the post or headline to let your readers know that you’ve made changes.  Consider cross-promoting your content as well.  You can publish a link to your article on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn for greater reach.

With these simple tips, you’ll be crafting blog posts like a pro in no time.

About the Author: Caroline Gillan is a Digital Content Specialist at Launch Agency, with experience in reputation management and digital analytics as well.  When not creating social media content or answering online reviews, Caroline enjoys watching horror movies, lifting weights, and taking hours-long naps.