Ask Your SEO Pro: Basics of Managing Online Presence

Basics Of Managing Online Presence

Many marketing "experts" promise to help expand your internet presence, grow your website traffic, and generate online leads. Where should you begin to actually improve your site performance?

1. Audit Your Internet Search Presence:
Conduct an internal audit of your "owned media”— your website, blog, social media pages, map listings, online review sites, and any potential placeholders for your business in search engine results. Note how many different properties you have, where they rank in search engine results for your most important keywords, then create a strategy for maintaining and developing each. Free tools such as Hubspot's Marketing Grader or Inbound Sales Network's Report Generator can help.

2. Grade Your Website Performance:
Take a deeper dive by analyzing your website structure for search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. This will uncover snags in basic coding and content issues that could be hindering your website performance. Then get a benchmark of your typical site traffic using Google Analytics or another analytics tool.  

3. Stay Fresh and Relevant:
Even the best websites can drop in search engine results from a lack of recent changes. Search ranking algorithms (like Google’s new Hummingbird) factor in the recency of site changes so they can deliver fresh results. Don't let your online presence go stale. Be sure to add new content: site updates, blog posts, and social media engagement.

4. Seek Qualified Professionals:
Both Google and Bing have accreditation programs to certify professionals in search, web development, analytics, and more. Phone a friend to find a qualified professional with sufficient training/certification and experience.

5. Monitor Presence, Progress, and Results:
Even relatively small changes to your site(s) can improve your search engine results page (SERP) ranking. Take note of the changes you've made (creating Annotations in your Google Analytics account is great) and monitor progress as you move up in search results. Create an online presence that is honest and relevant to your audience and business.

About the Author: Alexandra Watson is the Digital Director at Launch Agency. She also teaches on digital marketing topics as an Adjunct Professor at Southern Methodist University. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her teenage daughters and adding photos to her Pinterest boards.