No matter what title we give Jason Giles, it’s a pale reflection of what he does for the agency and our clients. As one of the original Launch crew, he leads the account team by example. He helps understand and define the client’s goals, then uses those insights to fuel the fire of the creative team. From the luxury car lineup at Park Place Dealerships to the complex issues of Baylor Scott and White Health, he immerses himself completely in whatever business we point him toward, always with impressive results and happy clients.

Jason also gets the award for exemplifying the Launch brand, as he drives his beautiful Park Place Porsche home to his lovely wife and son.


Park Place Dealerships • Tanqueray No. Ten Gin, Bailey's Irish Cream, Moet and Chandon Sparkling WIne,
Total Shooting Sports, 7-Eleven, Dallas Zoo, Sam's Club, Great American Cookies, Baylor Scott & White Health, Children's Health