Successful results. We’re all over ’em.

Launch has long had a knack for launching new brands, relaunching established brands—and keeping everything in perfect orbit. To learn more about some of our biggest success stories, click on the links below.; world’s largest online dating site

When it started, Internet dating was a little weird and often a dirty little secret for lonely onlies. Early advertising was almost exclusively online; we took it offline with national TV and out-of-home, blowing up the myth that Fate and Destiny had the market cornered on happy matchmaking. With a 300% increase in subscribership in the first flight alone, we can safely say the client fell in love with the results.

The Smart Car; joint venture between Mercedes-Benz and Swatch

Most automobile manufacturers use national campaigns to launch new cars. Ever the little rebel, Smart chose instead to use its distribution network to introduce the car for it. The unorthodox and approachably irreverent communications we created for our client—a funky folio of collectible posters, T-shirts and whimsical out-of-home—were so successful, the entire distribution network adopted them across the country. Big.

Paris Las Vegas; luxury hotel and casino

Parlez-vous differentiation?

Sandwiched between Steve Wynn’s $2 billion Bellagio and the gold-encrusted Venetian down the street, investors in Paris Las Vegas needed the property to open with a splash—and we don’t mean from the dancing fountains across the Strip. Taking out the fussy, highfalutin, unpronounceable Frenchyness of Paris and replacing it with fun, we had a theft-prone street team “import” the best of the City of Lights to Sin City in a multimedia launch campaign. Hotel hijinks ensued, and the property was the only one ever to open at 100% occupancy, and stay complètement full through the next six months.

Bally’s; old-time Vegas hotel and casino

With a host of new hotels invading the Strip, Las Vegas was looking a lot less like Vegas and a lot more like Paris, New York and the Italian Riviera. So what’s a poor Rat Pack-era property to do? Armed with a revamped strategy aimed at young, Swingers-loving gamers from feeder markets, we set out to take this venerable brand from forgettable to fabulous. Cue Caravan, handsome cabana boys and gorgeous women circa 1950, and watch occupancy skyrocket from the low eighties to 94% (with a 15% increase in room rates) in less than six months. Results that would make Sinatra and Sammy proud.

Promised Land Dairy; uber-premium milk in unique flavors

Milk is milk. Or that’s what most people think—until they take a taste of Promised Land, that is. From pampered Jersey cows, Promised Land is naturally richer and creamier than ordinary moo juice, and comes in ice-cream-rich flavors like Midnight Chocolate, Moo Berry Blueberry and Cinnamon Vanilla. For 25 years, this sleepy little brand had built a small but devoted following; with new owner Borden, our job was to wake it up, gussy it up, and kick up gallon sales by introducing it to a lot more milk lovers. Oh, and all on a budget that was anything but Elsie-sized. Using Conversuasion™, Launch’s proprietary new media tool, we deployed a custom plan of earned, owned and paid media. This turned credible consumer “conversation” into sales-generating “persuasion,” and built brand buzz and Promised Land’s bottom-line faster than you can say “Creamy Dreamy Orange.”

Sam’s Club; warehouse club and world’s 8th-largest retailer

No longer solely the domain of 20-roll packs of TP and 10-gallon jars of mayonnaise, Sam’s Club was now home to premium goods like Jenn-Air grills, Judith Ripka designer jewelry, and restaurant-quality steaks, lobster and produce. But while the warehouse giant had moved on, the perceptions of many would-be Members had not. To bridge the gap, Launch partnered with Sam’s marketing team and buyers, upping the aspirational quotient through strategic repositioning of the brand, a re-energized events calendar, and an exciting new look, tone and feel in the communications. The results—like the Club—were big and beautiful.